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Feb. 6th, 2015 01:35 am
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Good to hear from you.


My apologies - I am currently unavailable. If you would send me a
message, I'll receive it immediately, but only respond once I have
free time. If your concerns are regarding our drink contents,
understand that I cannot answer that.

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Please diligently review these stipulations.
I'll do my best to answer any questions.


Canon Name: Decim
Canon: Death Billiards / Death Parade

Age/Sex/Gender: ??/Male
Species/Supernatural Qualities: Arbiter. Memories of the dead may be sent to him, for judgement.
He seems to have the ability to generate and control puppet strings, which namely restrict movement.
While durable, they're not impossible to break.

Inventory: He carries a baton with a button designed to sabotage games held within Quindecim, which
he uses sparingly. Other than that, just his uniform, and maybe a stray pool ball (Will be updated as
more episodes are released).
Other Notes: While in Quindecim, he would have access to all the usual bartender's tools, glasses, and

Platonic Physical Contact: While Decim rarely reciprocates, he's not opposed to being touched.
Whether or not he appreciates the contact or not likely won't be immediately clear. However, he is
known for embracing others to comfort them.
Violent Physical Contact: If treated roughly, whether that's grabbed, shaken, or pushed around,
Decim is largely reactionless, and is not easily offended. He can be intimidated. If he feels threatened,
or feels that others around him are earnestly threatened, he'll do his best to restrain the attacker, but
does not aggress back.
Mindreading: While Decim's personal thoughts may be easy to read, the memories of the deceased
that he carries may be more difficult to access, by their sheer volume.
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Decim may take a bit to get personable with others.

OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: n/a
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-- if you would indulge me,
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